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  • Town Squares

    If Twitter is a “town square”, then the last month has been like a western movie where some bad guy and his band of hoods rode into Twitter Town, bought it and the locals freaked the f&%k out. Many of us have fled to the dense woods of Mastodon or opted for the sparsely regulated […]

  • How bad is your Spotify?

    Turns out mine is bad. I’m also uncool and old. More on that in a bit. Let me tell you how I found out… I’m a big fan of Pudding.cool. I love their visual storytelling. It’s one of the handful of sites I’ll type in by URL to visit (yep, like an old guy). If […]

  • On Grinding

    Really enjoyed Fred Wilson‘s post “Grinding“. Everyone wants to talk about “hustle” when building a company. In reality it is usually more of a grind day in, day out until you figure it out – or die. I especially appreciated how he addressed the “magic bullet” theory to fixing company issues in this line: But […]

  • Think

    You better think (think)Think about what you’re trying to do to meThink (think, think)Let your mind go, let yourself be free “Think” by and co-written by Aretha Frankin So I was thinking about a bunch of stuff this weekend. I spent a lot of time thinking about Aretha. I even made my kids watch The […]

  • It’s Not A Two Horse Race For Voice Assistants And Chatbots Aren’t Dying

    Our early virtual assistants are kind of janky. That’s okay! Three predictions on virtual assistants in a week full of predictions — from folks like us who actually build them. As voice assistants dominated CES last week, people are asking “is every toaster, microwave and car really going to talk to me now?” Or are virtual assistants just a […]

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