A New Year For Old Loves

Looking back to look ahead in ’23.

Right before the end of the year, I got a message on Linkedin from a person who, like me, had graduated from the Communications program at the University of Tennessee. While many years apart, we both had the good fortune of taking classes from Professor Robert Heller and being a part of his “Eyes on LaFollette” project. In 1992/93, Professor Heller was already talking about electronic media and how publishing was going to change how we produced and consumed media. It was one of those classes that has a profound impact on your life, and my appreciation only grows for how lucky I was to take Professor Heller’s class.

How I saw the world changed after that class. Not only in media but how I framed the things I would see day to day. I remember spending a lot of time in a dark room and how rewarding it was to get something out in print. So I’m going to get back to photography this year. Not a goal or a resolution, just something I want to get back into my life.






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